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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

I love you but love don't never be no way to grow patience

To grow up

Don't never be no magic beans,

no solutions,

don't ever offer no healing past hurts you ain't grow over yet.

Grow Up.

It don't speed up

it don't thrust.


just be.

Just be,

standing there looking pretty and conked up like 43. Harlem and “Red” and Revolution,


just standing there,

dipped in red black and green

liberation jumpsuits


turn up with me

Just be sitting there


like sweet potato, apple, peach cobbler and ice cream after triple baked mac and cheese

all greasy and over loved like

devour me,

Engross me.

Encapsulate me, I'm a leech for love

thirsty and lavish in my taste

I want the finest of hearts to bound with

Just be lying there like,

I been waiting for you in this position for what feels like hours

inhaling at every click, every crick, every tick, it been ages Boo and you home now like

jump me,

Love just be ....

Not coming with no manual or money,

no warrantee or return policy,

no exchange for my time and my dignity

Diseased with the plague of insecure insincerities

Lost my empathy,

When love be guiding us down some windy ass paths that

Just ...


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