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I'm Amani O+

I am dedicated to the liberation of my people through many art forms including, Hip-Hop, production, films, stage plays and teaching. Read more of my story below. 

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In the rich tapestry of Amani's life, collaborations have flourished,

as they co-founded the raptivist duo, KATANI, with their cherished

partner in music and spirit, Kat SoPoetic. Together, they craft

melodies that defy misogyny, enlighten minds, and ignite unity,

earning the esteemed title of Best Hip-Hop Artists in the NY

Capital Region at the inaugural Thomas Edison

Capital Region Music Awards.

The birth of B.L.A.C.K. Label and the B.L.A.C.K. Party marked

another milestone in Amani's journey—a collective of artists

committed to curating safe spaces that honor the narratives of

Black People and People Of Color. Within these sacred

gatherings, they nurture a world where love, creativity, and

freedom intermingle, painting kaleidoscopic vistas of possibility.


Amani O+ has graced countless stages, including the renowned

Nuyorican Poets Cafe, the Troy Music Hall and the legendary Apollo Theater, owning the spotlight with an effortless grace. Their performances have blossomed through music videos, stage plays, and illuminating documentaries. They partake in events that nurture community, dismantling the isolation forged by discrimination and systemic bondage. They conjure verses that spark a cultural and emotional revolution, serving as a resounding radio for love and healing. Their melodies an elixir of transformation, broadcasting messages of liberation and unity.

Behind the scenes, Amani is dedicated to the grassroots fight against racism and oppression. Collaborating with organizations, schools, and communities nationwide, they share knowledge and art to ignite personal and social shifts. Amani organizes with Troy 4 Black Lives, a radical multigenerational collective challenging the nearly fatal Troy Police shooting of Dahmeek McDonald, the TPD murder of Edson Thevenin, and confronting all systemic issues impacting Black Diasporic lives. In 2020, Amani co-founded Rested Root to create healing spaces for Black and Brown folk, working with organizations and institutions to bridge the gap between their values and their practices.

Amani O+—a luminary, artist, and abolitionist—beckons others to embrace their own magic, trust their visions, and unleash their unique gifts upon the world. In their presence, hope flourishes, hearts awaken, and the collective spirit finds solace. Amani O+ is a testament          to the power of artistry in the pursuit of a just, harmonious and FREE ASS existence. 

Amani O+ is a a raptivist, rebelutionary poet, grower, and radical educator. Their life has been a tapestry of activism, woven with threads of courage and a relentless pursuit of justice.


From the tender age of four, when they delivered a Welcome Address, effortlessly embodying the spirit of Rosa Parks in a pre-Kindergarten play, Amani knew that their purpose was to change the world. As a child they clashed with their family, who deemed the task impossible—a world too vast, and their presence too insignificant. But Amani, undeterred by doubt, was determined to prove otherwise.

Throughout their college years, they earned the nickname

"The Advocate,"

for their unyielding commitment to justice, and empathy.

In their twenties, Amani set forth on a transformative journey

through poetry & music. Their art as a beacon, they aimed to

wield words as weapons against societal + interpersonal harm.

 The Alt Magazine, recognizing their fiery spirit, dubbed them

"a spitfire poet-activist who wants to lead a revolution,"

an acknowledgment that made them feel seen.


Through their art, Amani O+ channels the heartbeat of

the marginalized, painting vivid portraits of racial and

environmental justice, gender equity, and the sacred bond

that unites all beings. Their melodies ripple through the air,

stirring dormant emotions, and awakening the collective conscience.


For over a decade, Amani has orchestrated harmonies of protest, working with others to envision and strive for a world where joy, purpose, love, and prosperity transcend the barriers of gender, skin color, ability and economic status. They aim for all bodies and beings to find solace.

But Amani's canvas extends far beyond the stage, reaching the fertile grounds of education. They use their art as a catalyst for learning, imparting wisdom in classrooms, community centers, conferences, parks, and amidst the fervor of protests. Their teachings intertwine the strands of history, resistance, and the audacity to reclaim power. They beckon the dormant activist within each soul, bridging chasms of prejudice to foster empathy and kindle the fires of collective responsibility.

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+1 518.336.6133

I'm always looking to collaborate with individuals and organizations with similar values and goals. 

Let's connect.

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