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I'm Amani O+

I am dedicated to the liberation of my people through many art forms including, Hip-Hop, production, films, stage plays and teaching. Read more of my story below. 

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YURRRRR! Amani O+ ain't just your ordinary artist—they a raptivist, a grower, and a radical educator. Their soul pulses with the rhythm of artistic expression. Amani's life been a twisted tapestry of activism, woven tight with threads of courage and an unrelenting hunger for justice. This ain't no ordinary journey Fam.

Back when they was only four, Amani already had that fire inside. Picture this: they rockin' the stage, delivering a Welcome Address and channeling the spirit of Rosa Parks in a pre-K play, like a boss!

But yo, Fam, it wasn't always smooth sailing. Amani's own

fam doubted their power, saying they couldn't change the

whole damn world. But this kid, they was determined to

prove 'em wrong. College days rolled in, and Amani

became known as "The Advocate," speaking out, dropping

knowledge and going hard for justice & reparations.

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As the years passed, Amani moved into their twenties like a

revolution waiting to happen. Their music and poetry became a

weapons. The Alt Magazine called them a "spitfire poet-activist,"

and that's when Amani knew they was being seen. Through their

art, they be painting pictures of racial justice, gender equity, and

the raw power of people united. They be dropping beats that

shake the system and inspire people to rise above the bullshit. 

Amani's voice, it be a balm for all bodies, reminding 'em they beautiful and necessary in this healing world.

But yo, Amani ain't just about the stage, homie. They be taking their wisdom to the classrooms, community centers, protests, and anywhere the people at. They be teaching history, resistance, and leading discussions about reclaiming power. Amani be bridging gaps, breaking down walls of prejudice, and reminding people that we all in this fight together.

And check it, Amani ain't doing it alone. They teamed

up with their partner in rhyme, Kat SoPoetic, to form the

dope duo KATANI. These two be droppin' fire tracks that

call out misogyny, educate minds, and unite the people.

Best believe they got recognized for their skills, winning

the Best Hip-Hop Artists at the Thomas Edison Capital

Region Music Awards.

But wait, there's more! Amani started the B.L.A.C.K. Label

and the B.L.A.C.K. Party—a crew of artists who curate

spaces where people of color can shine and share their

stories. These events, Fam, they be all about love,

creativity, justice and freedom. It's like a kaleidoscope of

dope vibes. And when Amani steps on that stage, they

bring the house down, fam. They star in music videos, stage

plays, and documentaries that leave a mark on everyone's soul. They be part of movements that build communities, break down the chains of discrimination, and fight for a better world. Their rhymes, they be medicine for the heart and soul, spreading love and healing to all who listen.

Off the stage, Amani been putting in work to end racism and injustice in the food system. They be cultivating change, mixing art, history, and food to bring equity and freedom to our plates. They be rockin' with organizations, schools, and communities across the nation,sharinng knowledge and sparking change.

Amani O+—a true urban poet, like Maya Angelou with a modern twist. They be the light that makes you believe in your own magic, trust your vision, and share your gifts with the world. When they around, hope rises, hearts awaken, and the whole damn hood feels alive. Amani O+ is a legend in the making, dropping rhymes and knowledge for generations to come. 


+1 518.336.6133

I'm always looking to collaborate with individuals and organizations with similar values and goals. 

Let's connect.

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