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Upcoming & Ongoing Projects

All of my work centers around putting an end to the injustices waged against my people.

In all of my music, poetry and presence, I fight for the liberation of the Black Diaspora.

My mission is to live in a world where everyone is safe.


KATANI is an anti-misogyny, pro-black, community uplifting raptivist duo comprised of Amani O+ & Kat SoPoetic.

We are here to rep for women, femmes, queers, trans folx, non-binary, Black, Indigenous & People of Color and all our people at the margins who are sick of the fuckery, erasure and violence.

Troy for
Black Lives

We have been working for years to challenge the violence, brutality, and lethal force of the Troy Police Department and local officials against ALL Black Diasporic lives, such as Black LGBTQIA folx, Black people with disabilities, Black youth, Black women, and Black elderly.

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Rested Root

Rested Root Corp is a worker-owned cooperative of Black and Queer educators, facilitators, and organizers. We have nearly 2 decades of combined experience offering liberatory teaching and consulting to schools, universities, nonprofits, community groups, businesses, and governmental organizations.


Join our host Amani Olugbala this week to watch a series of four films: “They’re Getting Away with Murder,” directed by Damaris and Elias Miller. “Flowers 4 Black Life” directed by Troy 4 Black Lives and Youth FX. “Amplified Voices” by Jeanette Lam. “Discarding Earth” by Michael Chernoff.

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