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You don't even know how magnificent your you is

The hue of indescribable brilliance

the the onyx the universe is paved of

you so beautiful up there, Poet



Do your work

Be here and listen now trust your instinct  

There's a current underneath that you can manipulate

Orchestrating symphonies of social goodness

Rebirthing the world thru speech

And listening ...

Keep making



Keep speaking

It's freedom encapsulated in wand misnamed a muscle

Tongue be just

Tongue be kind

Tongue be beautiful

You, are important ...

Marketplace Mixtape
Tropical Flower

Closer to my Mother and all the parts i am made of. 


Eyes washed of ego and able to self reflect. 

To listen,

and hear your timid. 

Recognize your cast off as a self rejection 

and hold myself closer, 

Divine and Whole and in Love in every direction.

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