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Revolution Radio Vol 1 

Track # 6 "Mahogany" 

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12.19.16 The Brooklyn Conflict 

12.03.16 Misgendering Freedom

11.26.16 On Haters in Heaven

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"For Q" 

 Self Produced QTPOC Mixtape

Track # 8 "Love Notes to Self" 

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Somebody shoulda told me it would hurt this much
I missed you before you exited the bus
 repeating what we've done a billion times but for real this time
Fuck the rhymes and schemes

the time it seems

has never been better for making new of crusted dreams
You were my stream and ocean song
and now I carry on
Like how tomorrow promises sun and possible and pain is just the absence of peace
Let it go.
Into the streets where I used to worry if you'd bleed or make it back to our sheets
not beneath them but rising to write new
Our love has always been older than our experience and now it lives in other bodies.
Find me there
With your name on my tongue
You were the one and now I am.

Amani O+ 12/12/2016