on"Grit" & Summer SOULstice

SOULstice 2019 was a banger and a blur. I'm still processing and unpacking much so look out for a future post soon but for now I will say this ...

  • Pure Gratitude

  • It is an honor to be a part of a sacred community in this day and age.

  • It is an honor to connect and commune with siblings in strangers on land, beneath stars, planet and moon, and alongside water.

  • It is an honor to play, make love, be art with my best friends and biggest inspirations.

  • Deep Gratitude.

Thank goodness for the tiny miracle of time delays and "the show must go on" mentality that pushed me to share "Grit" a song that has had my heart & soul aflame for the past 2 months.

Find "Grit" on the homepage since this blog page aint agreeing with me tech wise ...sorry yall.

It's still in progress but I decided to share the light & release the Demo version. Please enjoy, groove and spread it like "the plague or butter"(Egoic Pineapples reference)...

This gift is my honor to receive and release right back to you reverberations of the brightest light there is.

Peace Family,


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