most definitely magic

It’s almost absolutely magic the way this has happened the way you’ve eclipsed me Taken hold in my life and made the moon yours dipping it in molten and melancholy

careful your melanin hanging out

Dripping all over my uncertainty about the possibility of a brown sugar baby and love and healing When our people hemorrhaging all over history you sit with me Sifting through past insecurities That creep up in the present like small children with hands out but no hope strangled by injustice who return daily to the same door bells to beg Hearts ringing ears beating for love Chasing shadows of satisfaction You shift with me Sifting through repeats of yesterday and tired mistakes and adulthood Where your patience is all used and squeezed up and cut in half like true love and tooth paste tubes Sentenced to Drawing our own book of rule By which to live when it comes to love and peace And compromise well trained in the art of walking away you sat with me And as this day creeps in Shadowing the moon

Dragging tomorrow onto the horizon Painting midnight with all the shades of mahogany I see you

Bedazzled by constellation like the miracle you are Suspended between my pedestal and unreachable standards Tho I am working daily to take you as you are To act out partner To breathe out love To inhale empathy I am working daily to cast off judgment

an anchor on the dock of stagnation Stunting my growth I am working daily To embrace and dance and make love within my own flaws so I need not obsess over hammering out your breakouts Let no blemishes come to you by way of me Let this fortify Let this coat Let us build shield like Love bullets and ignorance to the mortality of our flesh let us resurrect Let you be as revolutionary as Jesus be At 33 You here You standing You a statement Demanding Revolution still lighting the curve of your heels Dig in I got you It’s for a reason That you here And nowhere else and no one else And as that blossoms and unfolds like the silently thunderous masterpiece that you are I am grateful to spend a day Up close and personal hot breathe and petty shyt Days spontaneous be heavy in laughter and journey and righteous and purpose And meaning And magic

It’s almost definitely magic The way we’ve collided Crash without disturbance or disgrace I am grateful for love I live for love Go love go

For There is much to be done And much revolution to be won And you cute 'n u smart 'n u funny 'n u bout it That’s why you da one ;)

(Happy 33rd Birthday Jayton).

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