The fighters inspired by Lupe Fiasco’s song (With Nothing To Lose/Book 3 Preview)

The fighters ... “When fires all around

and all the lovers start to drown

who will save them?” Drowning in the possibilities and all the things love could bring

like wholeness

and peace

and purpose But what be love without self Like can you spell it realistically without you? Maybe. Me gets caught up in the bangles of our beautiful union Tangled like manillas tied to transatlantic slave trades like bracelets and wrists and ankles and shackles Why do we try control other people? Why is there a desperation to annihilate difference like it's a threat to your existence

the desire to eradicate Like they be blemishes on the visage of humanity. Made in the image of the universe and all its multitude of godds

how could I not be everything? A piece of that portrait of heaven? How could I not be?

How could two spirit people not be the embodiment of a being complete in its expression of life and all the energies and all the forms.

Fluid Expressions.

These might be the most evolved among us

courageous enough to live in their own skin though they be hated like lepers for breathing and loving and being Whole Moving and speaking be acts of resistance when the right to your existence is questionable in the eyes of hate and ignorance Like what you eat caint make me shit Like who you screw dont make me cum J Z and Cole captured that sentiment best When the fires all around what will you do? What will you speak on when the flames be licking like salty wounds

transatlantic tears raining from bended knee to Baghdad from Auschwitz to Armenia Where you gon be? Silent? Watching? Beirut? When the fires all around you and the lovers start to drown Who

will save you once everyone else is taken? Who

will tether you to tomorrow Who

will be left to fight?

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