No (las crónicas de Cuba)

Oh just get over it already why dontchya,

I can hear them now

tones of condensation

Calcified racism on the tongue

I see your true colors

Para ti la playa

Is sand and fun toes and sun

Not toil not tears not trauma

500 years and the coast is not just the coast for me

This water stole my blood

So tomorrow im a have to stay my black ass on the bus

Waaaay in the back

Like nothing has changed

Like jim crow still reigns

Plantations don't amuse me

Are not an important part of history

In the sense that they help us avoid incarcerating souls based on race and class

Wasteful and crass

Aint nothing progressive about modern day slavery

The new racism

Shows up to a black lives matter protest denying its privilidege and silencing the marginalized all in the name of allyhood

Its clear

You are not here,

para mi

And while my people lay in the street at a 28-14 hour rate

I have no time to waste

being beaten

whipped by your ignorance

Chained to your blind denial

Shushing me into the respectability corner

I know what i am for

Abolition throbbing beneath the surface of my skin

Pregnant with liberación

I will not let you kill the fire

Just fan the flames

Bury me deep like the seed i am and see what i do with your oppression

Viva la revolución

You have no clue what is coming

So carry on lily

For mañana the black daliah will bloom


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