Quit frontin' and collapse already.

So Hello Again,

You’ve brung me to my knees and my knees be a pen Be bees knees you are thee cotton to my candy too sweet for regular consumption tempt me Be that chocolate bar be that grocery aisle be that right before checkout let me check you out back to front frontin like I don’t notice you standing there demanding where I must pretend censor myself in public thug shyt you don’t got me drooling drippin trippin over nothing cuffin got me cussin in frustration and liberation jubilitation in relations that be so damn satisfactory for a moment momentous in its ability to pretend to be forever so drape me

dress me scrape in salves that heal all when you hold me when you lift when when you love me For those moments in yo eye line sky lined with dust and glitter that twitters like my heart when you wink when you smile when you speak but don’t speak so speak but don’t speak it’s the silence

it’s like I’m addicted to the silence Violent in some spaces where bruised bodies are covered like violets and roses where Rosa’s sat on places and spat on racists and spoke so speak but don’t speak and I’ll learn to read again

to read The rhythm of your movements the sigh in your creek you’re my tree I’m your forest tether me let me get you lost in these locs keying your way to the center with roots and hight and water you flow in and out and through me Soothe me with the realist of philosophies impossible to stay present Stop it B It’s too damn much of everything

Of everything So collapse As I know it must So break apart as I know it was always meant to So splatter the fragments of our affairs all over the universe Let it be the spit that flies from yo lips to the depths of the earth Let it touch the people Let it feed the children Their dreams let it hold them The streams let it show them The abandoned let it hold them

And then collapse Into my love into my lips into my lap Collapse Break part and spill into me and let us undermine infinity

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