I promise. I’m coming home.

Thinking on the dock of this bay (Bae) You love me Tattooed in your tears is our destiny you clutch me tight like hands that repeatedly lost their love and dignity to the bowels of chattel slavery I’m coming home baby I promise, I love you

We were built for each other Carefully weaved in the kink of our curls Links to trails and tears and tribulations not our own bodies that bled for us The Spirits that wrote this song I promise I’m coming home, And I finally know.

I finally know, Lessons of our History finally purposeful Our love an act of resistance and graceful salute to staying true to our roots Buried deep beneath dysfunction Diasporaed across complexions that don’t mean a thing but also are everything Mahognated affirmations for those assassinated for their melanin

So I will paint you in broad strokes and leave you much room for error cuz, no matter what was left behind somewhere between home, and the shores of our heritage you never seemed to lose the twist of our tongue in the pilgrimage Never seemed to forget how to catch me as I stumble my way to sage, wobbling to wisdom, falling ever so slightly from grace and guide me home with the firm of your fingers imprinted on the small of my back. We were familiar, long before we met. Beloved, betrothed, bedazzling black. I have loved you in and out of time and of that I will never grow tired. I love you. I promise I’m coming home 8.10 4:30 AM flight to Oakland

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