Come with me,

I'm supposed to help you fall in love with a bumble bee

To remember 


 are connected like a network of roots beneath the surface


Lurking just beneath the surface

You cant quite touch it

This thing's amazing, strange, unpredictable, deranged but Lonesome and Loving where Love means Freedom and absence of judgement

Let go

Let love

Build Esteem that doesn't break down

That doesn't break

Repunish you for your past mistakes

You are not a collection of them

This is your dream

Take what you need

Dont allow greed to possess you

undress your spirit, forgetting how to share



Can We Get Much Higher?

I want new poetry

Nothing Conventional.
nothing about us is conventional
Unless the plu code is 420

you dig

Clove honey

you dig

natures natural nectar

for which necrophilaics must bow to their knees and beg mercy to queen bees

for they understand quite keen

that we are


what we eat.

Turnip or beat

We eat


We are


We pray for death.

We pay for death.


At the grocery store


So have you found everything you were looking for


Bags or boxes


Can We Get Much Higher?


Our world is different

We live on an island of cotton candy and barbed wire

Able to retire

on wit, and rhythm and sweet nothings

This shit is everything to me.

I know where we stand,

never questioning the sanctity of my two feet

I am here with roots and vines around my ankles

like buckles,

strapping me to your lap and your lips and your lineage

I am here

Don't push

Don't make it anything but worth it

Not easy but worth it

Rock me real slowly

I am not here to cradle you.

To strangle you 
To baby you, 
I expect you to show up growed up,
and with the architectural skill 
to build 
The house of hope and sovereignty we need 


Can We Get Much Higher?

Keep making, creating, speaking. Tongue be freedom encapsulated in wand and misnamed muscle. Tongue be just. Tongue be kind. Tongue be beautiful


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