Remember Who You Are

(Whispered) Down down in an earlier round

but sugar we're going down swinging ...

Thats how i declare my love

In clenched knuckles

In god like fists


Ready to be cocked and pulled.

Stroked and bull

Shitty circumstance

     and status quo

You're not a go



starter ...

     and maybe thats alright

If you're on the right team

Well who do you play for ...


The middle is boring and stagnant babe 

the ying and yang require each other

so posses all that you are.

Decide in aspirations towards transcendence , 

     in your moonshine and smoke love


do you stop to consider your brainwashing and whose story

you are resurrecting? Oppression, 

For those snubbing your nose in the filth of your grandparents racism

How is it that you,

Compiled, composed, constructed of the same magic that animates me

and these lips

to paint pictures on your eye lids

I see you




hiding under badges and sheets all over america,

spitting vile as if words could keep you safe from the dismantling of

falsely earned advantage

that feels like the backs of others

beneath ignorant feet

And it is tiresome to teach

Miles back to reach

to help walk you across that bridge built by fear and indifference

that leaves my son slaughtered in the street

strewn out as his sister shackled in the seat

watching the last of her patriotic dreams


down the drain

Our world is different.


And if you dont get it

I got to decide about your time or mine

Cuz my days are numbered different

lined with split second decision

acts of terrorism by those expected to serve

based in absurd paternalism

We got this!

Fall baack.

We bold beautiful black

We built the bridge and foundation Black

Fall back

Over which we will overcome

We got this

My people rise

Self determining

We winning

No tries

When we building soul tribe

There is only do

This revolution lives in our pride

i yo back i hear yo cries

Your pain is my struggle once i empathize

Bridging the gap

the tunnels between us destroyed by knowledge. power. respect. Bet

I know exactly where you coming from 

     Watch my back im under attack, you got my back?

i got yo back

I got yo back said 

i know exactly where you coming from

this revolution lives in our pride

i yo got back i hear yo cries

Your pain is my struggle once i empathize

Bridging the gap

the tunnels between us destroyed by

Knowledge. Power. Respect.


I know exactly where you coming from. 

And once you see self as soul

Well everyone is a soul

And once you learn to listen everyone is the guru

And once you gain self confidence, self love, self acceptance

you make space to love others in the world

And when you plant seeds of goodness, 

well beauty sprouts and grows

And when you let go of assumptions you make room fi go

to learn, 

less you prefer the cold. 


Not that the burn is real

But it be chilly up there much too frigid for me

My fingers came here with other plans

Dandelions to baffle and fall in love over

For the chance to get lost in the craters of your freckles

Falseness of your teeth

I could run for miles in the mundane marathon we've inherited cuz its all so amazing .....

Like if you got at least some of the senses your world is out of this world Amazing

and strange and craving of beauty at every turn.


Come with me,

I'm supposed to help you fall in love with a bumble bee

To remember 


 are connected like a network of roots beneath the surface


Lurking just beneath the surface

You cant quite touch it

This thing's amazing, strange, unpredictable, deranged but Lonesome and Loving where Love means Freedom and absence of judgement

Let go

Let love

Build Esteem that doesn't break down

That doesn't break

Repunish you for your past mistakes

You are not a collection of them

This is your dream

Take what you need

Dont allow greed to possess you

undress your spirit, forgetting how to share


Look around


say hello

Maybe see someone you didn't know and stay present

Stay here

Stay with right now on the tips of your tongue running down your jawline in thirst for the present

It is the ultimate gift

And in that stillness you find source

You find grace

You find fascination


Rejection of time

- A concept


- A concept


Lifestyle hatin

Its such a waste

We should be Creatin!

Not easy in our hate

and our energy that has no choice but to be explored and flowed back into us

So I dare you to be Love

To be in love

To breathe in live

Step in love

Move in love

See in love

Look in love

Stand in love

Its powerful

Its selfless

Its unifying

And life breathing

And revolutionary

And a me thing


Nothing without self

You got to learn go

You got to learn to not judge

You got look within

     up above is too far away

You got to look within

Because up above is too far away

You Are Here


So be here,

Breathe here,

Love here.


Remember who you are



"Who You Are" an evolved Free Write January 2016