can we get much higher?

Our world is different

We live on an island of cotton candy and barbed wire

Able to retire

on wit, and rhythm and sweet nothings

This shit is everything to me.


I know where we stand,

never questioning the sanctity of my two feet

I am here with roots and vines around my ankles

like buckles,

strapping me to your lap and your lips and your lineage

I am here

Don't push


Don't make it anything but worth it

Not easy but worth it

Rock me real slowly


I am not here to cradle you.

To strangle you

To baby you,

I expect you to show up growed up,

and with the architectural skill

to build

The house of hope and sovereignty we need

Laughing in the face of our oppressors who cannot decode when we speak

Who plaster hatred with the brains of our babies in the street

drawing us closer with every trigger pulled on their screens

That's why we winning every time we wake up and we breathe  



With precision, pride and power

Every minute is our hour Love.

This is the birth of a revolutionary Love.

A revolutionary, Love.

A revolutionary, in Love.

We are a statement in love

We are poetry.

We are rooted.

We are slated.

We are destined.

We are fated,

to rise and to roar louder than hatred

This love is louder than sheet and stick

and cross and Ks

and badge and blame

and fear and flame  

We here


Been here

Abolishing abandonment

Abolitionist, handle it

With care, my heart baby

Handle it


I am certain you'll handle it

You can cradle and contextualize this sharp tongue be it daisy or dagger,

can cherish the twist and bend and dip of my curls,

Can see me as Beauty and see the beauty of my world

and know my conviction

to paint prescriptions with poems,

the calling that lives in my skin to end rifts with the fullness of my lips and my mind,

and my art and behind,

With our bloody toothed smiles and barbed wire and cotton candy and audacity of breath,

With that swag in our step

This melanin in our dress,

We will never die.


In love we will never die,

We were born to rise

Teaching as Toni taught me

To never say that I fell in love with you,

For all that it implies

but that I rose in it,


destined to live and to rise

We are the hope and dream of the slave

So naturally, baby, we don't hide

We fly high

We get by

We ride

We are love

We are lifted

And this Revolution, it lives

in our pride.


August 2015