amani o+ who's ya favorite rapper no fkboyz n beats femcee


Raptivist, grower and radical educator, Amani O+ combines artistic expression and project-based learning to build curriculum, curate events and facilitate workshops and dialogue.  

In 2016, Amani O+ co-founded the raptivist duo KATANI with their bestie & music partner Kat SoPoetic. KATANI makes misogyNAH (anti-misogynoir) music aiming to educate, uplift and unite, with a specific focus on those of us invisibilized by interwoven systems of oppression. KATANI has since won several awards including “Best Hip-Hop Artists” in the NY Capital Region’s Thomas Edison Music Awards.

In 2017 Amani founded B.L.A.C.K. Label and the B.L.A.C.K. Party (Black Lives A Creative Kaleidoscope), a collective of artists committed to curating safe events that honor and celebrate the stories of people of color and bring forth the world they wish to live, love, and create within. B.L.A.C.K. Label is home to Amani O+, KATANI, donfons and a handful of NY creatives who believe in hip hop music as a beacon to shift our shared culture towards collective healing and radical self-care. 

As Co-SlamMaster of CapCity Slam, (previously the Nitty Gritty Slam) the NY Capital District’s award winning slam poetry team, Amani has collectively and individually won several competitions, including the Empire State Slam, Queen Elizabeth’s Way Slam and the Toronto International Poetry Slam.

Since their theatrical debut in the 2014 suicide awareness UnspokenWord, Amani O+ has written, designed and appeared at hundreds of events including Lady Fest, the BeatShot Music Festival, and SHE.O.M. sharing the stage with “art-ivist” inspirations: Oshun, Bell’s Roar, Daniel B. Summerhill, D. Colin, Tef Poe, The Peace Poets, Taina Asili, Monica McIntyre, Nitty Scott and more. 

Amani O+ has starred in and co-directed music videos, stage plays and documentaries and frequently participates in events that encourage community building and intentionally fight against the isolation of discrimination and systemic slavery.

In 2015, with the help of the Yoni Coven Press, Amani O+ self published Here We Are At The Gate, the first of the four part REBELUTIONARY series. Amani curates workshops and forums for all audiences that celebrate art, creativity and the value of vulnerability, communication and collaboration.

Originally from Lenape territory (currently called Brooklyn, NY), Amani moved upstate for trees and college. Here, amani curated educational experiences on and off the land (farm tours, workshops, keynote speeches) that blend art, history and food to illuminate pathways to sovereignty and equity in our local and global food system.

amani has presented and collaborated with organizations, students and neighbors across the country including Middlebury College, Rutgers University, the Chicago Food Policy Summit, the Harvard Ed Portal, the Northeast Organic Farming Association, the NYS Department of Civil Service, the American Horticultural Society and the People's Music Network. 

Artist, environmentalist, and abolitionist, Amani is driven to uplift love, art & service as necessary expressions of rebellion, against a sense of disconnection and hopelessness that threatens our collective peace and wellness. Amani aims to inspire all those they come into contact with to remember their magic, trust their vision and share their unique gifts with the world.